The President of the Arab Parliament H.E. Mr. Adel bin AbdulRahman AlAsoomi, emphasized that the establishment of permanent channels of communication between voters and deputies would give the entire political process an important and needed public dimension, and he noted that this communication should not be limited to hearing voters’ complaints and opinions, but it should be extended to involve them effectively in proposing and drafting of projects of laws that serve their interests and regulate their daily lives, stressing that this guarantees laws and legislation effectiveness and continuity.

This came during the visit of the President of the Arab Parliament and his accompanying delegation to the Legislative Communication Center in the Chinese capital Beijing, as part of the official visit of the Arab Parliament’s delegation to the People’s Republic of China in response to the invitation extended by the Chairman of the Parliament of China.In this context, the Head of the Legislative Communication Center clarified that China has established permanent communication centers between voters and deputies in all Provinces of the Republic of China, adding that through these centers, ordinary citizens can participate actively in proposing and drafting laws, where they are assisted by a group of experts and specialists, notably at the final drafting stage of the laws, highlighting that many laws that have been approved were proposed from the outset by ordinary citizens through legislative communication centers, which characterised people’s democratic experience in China.

And during the visit to the Legislative Communication Center, AlAsoomi and his accompanying delegation heard an explanation of the main features of China’s electoral process and its various stages.

From his side, the President of the Arab Parliament stressed the importance of institutional mechanisms to achieve continuous and regular communication among voters in Arab countries, and invited Arab States that do not have this experience to adopt it, as it will make the ordinary citizen a partner in making laws and legislation governing his rights and duties.

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