The President of the Arab Parliament H.E. Mr. Adel bin AbdulRahman AlAsoomi, commended the initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, in operationalizing Article 99 of the Charter of the United Nations, and his invitation to the Security Council to hold a meeting to assume its responsibilities for an immediate ceasefire with the backdrop of the deteriorating inhumane situation in the Gaza Strip, warning of a “complete and looming breakdown of public order” in the Gaza Strip due to constant bombardment by the occupying power (Israel), which came in an unprecedented letter to the Security Council in which he stressed the necessity for a humanitarian ceasefire to be declared.

The President of the Arab Parliament considered this initiative an “important and necessary step” consistent with the Arab Parliament’s call for the United Nations General Assembly to activate the principle of uniting for peace to counter the failure of the Security Council as a result of the use of the veto by the United States of America in favor of the occupying power, also stresses the warnings repeatedly noted by the President of the Arab Parliament as well as the broad international warnings on the consequences of the humanitarian disaster which had befallen Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip as result of the genocidal war by the occupying power (Israel).

And while the President of the Arab Parliament strongly condemns the systematic incitement campaigns by the occupying force and its officials within the corridors of the United Nations against the UN Secretary-General, considering them political terrorism, to discourage him from performing his role and duties in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, international law and human rights principles; calls on the international community and the world leaders to support the initiative of the UN Secretary-General, and to push the Security Council to fulfill its obligations and assume its responsibilities after this persistent and repeated failure since the war on Gaza on 7 October, and to adopt a resolution for an immediate and urgent ceasefire and to stop the war of genocide and the continuous bloodshed in the Gaza Strip.

By Waad

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