The Arab Parliament emphasized that the war crimes and genocide committed by the Israeli occupying forces against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are one of the most heinous violations of the principles of human rights and of international humanitarian law witnessed in our contemporary history, and underlined that the shameful silence of the international community and disregard for these crimes made it a key partner in the Israeli war machine consisting of killing women, children and elders.

This came in the Arab Parliament’s statement on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, observed each year on 10 December.

On this occasion, the Arab Parliament stressed the importance of promoting and protecting the culture of human rights in the Arab region as it contributes actively to the advancement and progress of societies, and highlighted that the Arab vision for the promotion of the culture of human rights is based on the consolidation of the principles of justice and citizenship, the achievement of equality in all rights and duties, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination and racism, which are the principles supported by all religions.

By Waad

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